A couture Dress Coat for ladies is what we specialise in

Lady Row

This piece of your wardrobe is made exclusively for you


Lady Row

Built upon Byzantium and Savile Row history, Lady Row honours its rich past within sustainable luxury.


Renowned for the iconic Dress Coat, a Lady Row piece is immediately recognisable. The dominant, sophisticated, powerful, elegant self-reflection for the art and tailoring of the historical roots- such characteristics define each unique creation.


With a mastery of craftsmanship, Lady Row innovates the future of design and redeems the legend of ancient cultures.

Lady Row Dress Coat with beetle wings

How  we  can  Help You

We are experts in couture clothes and offer this service to the ladies and gentlemen.


The collections are based on your desire and, we put together the ideas into the drawings.


We travel to every single customer to discuss the fabrics, designs and finish, because our service it is bespoke service. 


We take your measurement to create the toilet, following by the 2-3 fittings, which you will benefit.


All our garments are hand made in Monaco, and we have an in-house pattern cutter, tailor, artist and courtier. 


We are offering a conception of the clothes which you will dream to have, by working together on the design, choosing the fabric, embroidery, and hand paintings.


We are offering alterations as well.


Lady Row

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