Lady Row offers ladies coats, luxury couture in a unique design, named the Dress Coat. The designs inspired by the garments "dalmatica" (Byzantium long tunic) are merged with the Savile Row bespoke tailoring expertise.


The Dress Coat is a luxurious English House which combines two elements, the dress as ornament, decoration, adorn, and the coat as tunic, layer, cover, wool, and feelings.

The Coats are constructed with high-quality woollen cloths, crystals, silk lining, embroideries, and hand-finished buttonholes, lining, collar and lapel.


The elements are celebrating the elegance, extravagance, luxury, and emotions of modern women.



About Lady Row 

Lady Row has been designed by a muralist artist Irina Worger, who has connected mural art and craftsmanship.


The artist who has been an apprentice, for more than ten years in traditional fresco paintings and later in life an apprentice in Savile Row bespoke tailoring, understands the importance of the craft labour.


The name of Lady Row means the Lady in the Road founding Opportunities of the World, a life story of an artist reword.


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