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Lady Row

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Lady Row

A bespoke customer, is an introduction through curiosity, from the tastes, interests and lifestyle, to discover the customer's requirements in order to build around his needs.

The cloth is chosen from a selection of thousands, followed by the customer’s measurements and as well as notes on build, stance and posture.

 Later, the cutter sketches the customer’s unique pattern, and the shape of the two- dimensional panels will combine into a form-fitting garment.


A few weeks later the customer will have his first fitting and can see and feel the beginnings of a suit that previously existed only in his imagination. 

After a couple more fitting the suit reaches completion with fine buttonholes, horn buttons, the discreet label that reflects centuries of tailoring tradition. 

Then a final pressing and the suit is ready for collection.

Lady Row Dress Coat with beetle wings

How  we  can  Help You

We are experts in bespoke tailoring and offer this service to the ladies and gentlemen.


The collections are based on your desire from patten to fabric, lining and finished, and, we put together the ideas. 


We travel to every single customer to discuss the fabrics, designs and finish, because our service it is bespoke service. 


We take your measurement to create the toilet, following by the 2-3 fittings, which you will benefit.


All our garments are hand made in Monaco, and we have an in-house pattern cutter, tailor, artist and courtier. 


We are offering a conception of the clothes which you will dream to have, by working together on the design, choosing the fabric, embroidery, and hand paintings.


Lady Row

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