A couture Dress Coat for ladies is what we specialise in

Lady Row

This piece of your wardrobe is made exclusively for you


Lady Row

Built upon Byzantium and Savile Row history, Lady Row honours its rich past within sustainable luxury.


Renowned for the iconic Dress Coat, a Lady Row piece is immediately recognisable. The dominant, sophisticated, powerful, elegant self-reflection for the art and tailoring of the historical roots- such characteristics define each unique creation.


With a mastery of craftsmanship, Lady Row innovates the future of design and redeems the legend of ancient cultures.

Lady Row Dress Coat with beetle wings

How  we  can  Help You

Lady Row prides itself by making the most stunning pieces of Couture Dress Coats, which are designed for each client. It is made keeping you and your personality in type, to reflect your aura.


We strongly believe that a Couture Dress Coat is an eternal piece that is an extension of the lady who sports it. We do not just create something we want to, we create something that you would want to.

Lady Row Couture Dress Coats are designed by keeping in mind every single client wishes and preference, from the colour or the fabric to the motifs. 

Your Lady Row Couture Dress Coat is made only for you. Every cut and every crease is made to sit perfectly on the skin. It will snuggle your body like your glove snuggles your hand. It will make you stand out in the crowd. No other lady will ever have the replica of the Lady Row Couture Dress Coat that you possess.

Despite your heartfelt wishes to be a part of the Lady Row family, if you think it will be too difficult to come to us, we have got the solution to your problem. We travel to our clients. We take it upon ourselves that all our clients feel comfortable in their own spaces and not buoyed by the hassles of travelling long distances, only to get their very own Lady Row Couture Dress Coat.

Reach out to us and make an appointment on a date and place that suits you, and we shall meet you right there. Our in-house experts will ascertain your preferences and create what fits you the best.