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Lady Row Dress Coat

Lady Row 

Lady Row Monte Carlo

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Finding its Byzantium beginning as a mural painter and Savile Row culture and traditions as a bespoke tailor, Lady Row was founded by Irina Corduban. Today an icon of luxury, Lady Row is known for unrivalled design which had connected art and craftsmanship. Finding endless inspiration in bespoke and mural art, Lady Row represents the sustainable lifestyle in dominant, sophisticated, powerful, elegant Dress Coats. 

Authentic experiences, of practising traditional fresco painting and bespoke tailoring, a rarity in the men’s world, inspire the Lady Row logo. Lady Row means the Lady in the Road funding Opportunities of the World, a life story that unveils traditions, magic, and wisdom with passion.


Dominant and sophisticated, Lady Row creations are highly recognisable. Distinguished for its iconic dress coats, Lady Row design is equally known for audacity: uncommon tailor-cut, innovative techniques and sustainable materials. Lady Row elegant designs and details of the embroidery are constantly daring, bold and magnificent.

From the training eyes of an artist to the skilled hands of bespoke tailoring, Lady Row artisans devote months to expertly design, create and hand-finished each piece of astonishment creation. Meticulous craftsman produces exceptional patterns cuts for an individual client, defining the very soul of Lady Row design.

The Dress Coat design cut become one of the most identifiable signatures, bringing a sense of sustainable lifestyle. Lady Row bespoke Savile Row cut reflected in the collar, lapel and sleeves, brings grace and magic with embroidery, hand paintings and hand-finished. These hallmarks, along with modelling the DREAM PATTERNS designs, bespoke tailoring into sensational shapes, becoming Lady Row masterpieces.

Exclusive Cut

Astonishing, daring, exceptional: Lady Row style is noble. The English word for ‘noble’, The Noble Creation are Lady’s Row most timeless, most sophisticate, most elegant. High bespoke pieces-those that seems to come from an idyllic dream. Inspired by the traditions and mythology, Lady Row exclusive cut are intimate relationship to the body, and it is their ability to merge Savile Row tailoring men’s power with art, grace and magic.


Lady Row is known for commented unusual cut Dress Coat and producing pieces so unique that their value become infinite. For any celebrations, the Dress Coat becomes the magnet in the story, the designs forms unpacked the biography of the fabric, and the embroidery reveals the stories locked therein.

Unthinkable, seductive and each unique bespoke fabrics, embroideries, linings, buttons, feathers and paintings, merge together become the most envy design in the world, the complex luxury character based on traditions. Designing, matching colours, hand cutting the fabric by using a high standard of precision and quality; Lady’s Row know-how with the creations is defined by classic elegant style, that is fine, strong and cultivate.

Bespoke tailoring Monaco


Lady Row represents the English way of lifestyle, celebrating yesterday, today and tomorrow: uniqueness, rarity and timeless and a touch of craziness’ are the affections combined in the extraordinary creations.

The creations revel Byzantium in many and various perceptions, like the rich pattern cloths, embroidered borders and trimmings, embraced by the royal and noble families, as many still present, as been rooted in the ritual across the length and breadth shaping England culture and identity.

The creation has colours and shapes and lavish craftsmanship to capture emotions, reflect the history and tradition, giving to any women the solutions to the lifestyle: Be Different, Express Yourself and Solve Your Problem.

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