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Lady Row & Nature

Our best muse is nature. We draw all our inspirations from this very nature, which is an infinite promise of everything new and beautiful. There is hardly anything which does not belong to our precious earth, and we at Lady Row use this epitome of beauty to create our everlasting pieces.
Nature leaves its mark on every Lady Row Couture Dress Coat. Whether it is the fabric or the pattern, everything reflects natural beauty. We believe in sustainability, so we do not use synthetic or artificial fabrics for giving rise to our exquisite collection. We go all-natural in our choice of fabric—from cotton, silk and linen of the breezy summers, to the cosy woollens of the warm winters, every Lady Row Couture Dress Coat is natural, and is inspired from nature.
The love for nature is also in the hues and shades that we contemplate for our Couture Dress Coats. All the colours, the gold from the Sun, the blues from the skies and seas, the greens from the plants, the brown from the earth, are influenced by the nature.
Perhaps the most prominent mark that nature has on a Lady Row Couture Dress Coat is the motifs used for tailoring one. We are not only inspired by nature, we recreate this nature that sustains us. We make use of symbols like birds and feathers to give wings to our ideas and your dreams. It is a recurrent theme in the Lady Row collection. You will also find flowers, leaves and branches an inherent part of our creation. With a skilful hand at embroidery, we weave into the fabrics these very nature-inspired patterns. We also use intricate beadwork to create these flowery designs that are the special favourite of many of our clients.

The paintings on a Lady Row Couture Dress Coat are also predominantly a scene of nature, and we design what you love- the flowers and leaves that make you feel down to earth, or the birds and feathers that reflect the free spirit that you have- you name it, we frame it.

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