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Lady Row & Wedding

A Couture Dress Coat might be an unusual choice of wedding dress, but that is a fast emerging thing. And who does not want to look simply THE BEST and the most unique on invariably the most special day of their life? If you too are eyeing for something that will set you apart from the crowds of thousands who get married every year, you cannot give cannot Lady Row Couture Dress Coat a miss. It is everything that your wedding dress should be- beautiful and excessively elegant, and is also something that your wedding dress might never be- unique. It scores over the white dress because of the outstanding interplay of patterns, and not to forget, the paintings.

The white dresses are not just white, with the difference coming only in terms of the folds and frills by finished with hand paintings. But with a Lady Row Wedding Dress Coat, be sure to surprise everyone with the unique and soft paintings that are hand-drawn carefully.
The paintings are beautiful and unique, but in no way will this make your wedding dress inappropriate for the wedding. Instead, it will just exemplify what your white dress is meant to convey- the grace and beauty of the new bride.

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