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Lady Row & Woollen Fabric

The warm earthy hues set everything a class apart, and some of our favourite picks from the Lady Row Couture Dress Coats are the ones that exude this welcoming warmth. Lady Row winter Dress Coats are designed to provide you with the perfect warmth, while also giving you the right sophisticated grace. These Couture Dress Coats are predominantly made of 100% wool, while we may also include Cashmere if you want your favourite piece to be made of one. These warm fabrics are ideal for the harsh winters and the chilly winds and provide you with ample protection.

The changing weather also reflects the changed colour preference. We switch over to earthy shades like rich browns, the dreamy wines, and the classy blacks. These are not just meant for greater comfort but are also a show of the mellowness all around. The rich shades are complemented by the hand embroidery using exquisite woollen patterns that are matched to perfection.

Like our Summer Dress Coats, our Winter Dress Coats are also themed on nature. We promote sustainable fashion, and we stay true to the term even in the minute details of our embroideries. Every needle is put with bated breath, and all the patterns are made flawlessly graceful to reflect the aura and air of the lady.

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