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Lady Row & Yuzen

Your very own London dress is not without its fair share of the taste of the world. We use the most magnificent technique to give shape to our ideas and your dreams. And we borrow this technique from the exotic east, from the land of the rising Sun. This technique is the Yuzen technique that comes straight from Japan. We make use of this to draw the impeccable paintings on the fabric of your choice. A layer of rice paste is used in creating our favourite pieces of art. This paste resist-dyeing technique ensures that your favourite colour will not spill out, and we can create small or large images without the fear of spillage.

There is no colour transfer, and no colour mixing either. We have the liberty to create infallible pieces using this eighteenth-century method from Japan, and we sure love it for the ease and grace that it provides to the Lady Row Couture Dress Coats.

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