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Lady Row and Summer Dress Coats

Come Summer, and we all want something nice and breezy. The fabrics used for the Lady Row Couture Dress Coat reflects this change in weather and change in our mood perfectly well. To match up with the summer spirit, we bring light and breezy fabrics collection: cotton, silk, linen, and chambray. These keep you cool and effortless, while you choose to sport grace for the day.
The colours also resonate with the beautiful spring outside. Most of our clients want white and other bright colours like the different shades of yellow or beige. We give the warm tones of winter a complete miss in Lady Row Summer Dress Coats.

Hand drawn beautiful paintings replace the heavy hand embroidery (even though we are pro at it). Like with every stitch that is there in a Lady Row Couture Dress Coat, every brushstroke on our Summer Dress Coats are made with utmost care and precision. We stay true to nature and draw inspiration from the natural abundance around us, and the same theme prevails on these hand-drawn paintings. Despite the infinite care, the painting looks effortless, right like your summer styles.

The Lady Row summer Dress Coats are beauty and grace without the hint of any sophistication. These are easy-going and sustainable, but at the same time, are the epitome of bespoke craftsmanship. You feel powerful in a Lady Row Summer Dress Coat, but also infinitely beautiful and simple in your best attire designed by the house of Lady Row.

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