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Lady Row and Chickadees

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Lady Row Couture Dress Coats feature many themes, and most of these are inspired by nature. A particularly dominant theme that holds a special place in our creations, in addition to the hearts of our clients, is the theme of chickadees. These small, furry little birds are a recurrent theme, and these are an inspiration in their own right. We did not just come up with this theme because we wanted to draw from nature, in this theme rather holds a deep significance for what it represents- the woman, her freedom, and her flight.

Nature-inspired creations of Lady Row Couture Dress Coats include birds of different shapes and colours, as well as leaves and flowers in their full blossom. We are firm believers in the power that every woman has and know that her role is just as important as nature. Chickadees form a confluence point for our beliefs- they are a direct manifestation of the best of nature, are symbolic of the womankind, and also the power the woman has because of its association with a flight. The symbolic meaning is more amplified, as ‘chica’ in Spanish is a girl. These little birds stand for the beauty of a woman, and by including them in Lady Row Couture Dress Coats, we pay eternal tribute to her beauty, as well as her freedom.

Chickadees serve as our primary source of inspiration, and the artist took to painting chickadees as a matter of self-expression. The birds in their flight, with their wings spread wide, are a sight to behold, and this is much more symbolic than just meaning freedom- the artist associates herself with these free birds, and when chickadees are set on the canvas, these become the expression of freedom and power for the artist herself.

The artist feels powerful in her own right, and chickadees convey just that. She is not confined by any rules or restrictions that are imposed on her and likes to let her thoughts flow free, in the form of the chickadees that she paints on the canvas. These birds give her the window to break free from the monotony of her daily life. Which by expressing herself in her own terms, rather than go by the dictates of others, she gets happiness, and the feeling of freedom is reinforced. Chickadees are thus instrumental to the artist and Lady Row Couture Dress Coats, as these inspire us to move beyond the box and do things differently and in our own way.

The designer drew her inspiration for chickadees from the Van Eyes technique, where she first started out drawing with pigment, used darker hues like blue, and had a fine glaze. However, the artist did not confine herself to just that, and like the chickadees that inspire her, she decided to fly and experiment with all kinds of colours that reflected her mood.

The artist was also heavily inspired by the Japanese art and their Yuzen technique, and she moved the art from dyeing kimonos to making picturesque Lady Row Couture Dress Coats. With the bright colours in Japanese art that came to signify vitality, longevity, dignity and nobility, now uses a plethora of shades, that each has a special significance for her and her creations. She takes the blue to signify the sea and the sky, while the golds are for bright sunlight that fills the earth with energy and vitality. The birds remain unconfined and soar high up in the sky, swim in the seas, or clearly walk the earth- they are the masters of their own desire. Such is the idea of freedom that the artist derives from these birds, and it is this experience that she finds the most liberating. She likes to represent the same on the canvas, as well the silks that she fabricates for the Lady Row Couture Dress Coats.

The artist revels in nature and finds the beauty of the movements enchanting. Stillness is not nature; change is, movement is. Stagnancy will only cause decay, and the real beauty of nature is in the infinite movements and activities that happen every moment that makes life worthwhile. The artist behind Lady Row creations captures just these- a moment stolen from the daily life and practices, shapes and movements, and framed for eternity in her creations. Our high bespoke creations glorify nature in its true colours and shapes- we do not create the stillness in anything, we recreate the movements that we see around ourselves- the birds flying, in motion, chirruping, talking to one another, soaring up high in the sky.

The chickadees are not just yet another bird, they are the artist’s ideas of freedom, movement, nature, power, and strength. What she loved and painted on the canvas she flew the same to the silks in the Lady Row Couture Dress Coats. She did not remain confined either to the colours, or to the techniques, or even to her canvas- her creations are her expression of freedom, and this freedom is now seen in the Lady Row creations.

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