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The woman in society

Lady Row

Since time immemorial, women have been relegated to the background, and they often had little or no authority over the important matters affecting their lives. They could not assert themselves- their rights, choice and freedom- and had been the mere consorts to their husbands. The history of women and the role played in society is rife with stories of conflicts and victories. There have been long struggles before women, got the power to assert their individuality and play their substantial roles in society. It was only after a prolonged resistance that women could step out alone, get an education, find a job, and lead their lives on their own terms.

In a world dominated by men, the situation is no different when it comes to fashion. Except a few like Lady Row, the fashion industry remains the stronghold of men. They call the cards on what constitutes feminine beauty to decide the colour, the cut, the length and the fit of all of the women’s outfits. What a woman wears should not dictate how she feels about herself or her role in society; it should rather be the other way. Your clothes must be an extension of yourself by reflecting your choice and role in society. Lady Row Couture Dress Coat is made exclusively for you one piece that reflects your personality with effortless ease, while at the same time, gives you the freedom to give voice to your thoughts.

As woman can be a life-giver and a nurturer, brings life into this world, but also take care of her children and provide her babies with the best of both worlds. She is also the first teacher for her children, who learn to see the world through their mother’s eyes, and can also be a loving and supportive wife who is the biggest pillar of strength for her husband, and even her family in adverse times. Beautiful, but not fragile, full of grace, very powerful, a woman in a Couture Dress Coat reflects the spirit of womanhood, and all the roles played in the society.

At Lady Row, the Couture Dress Coat, reflect a woman and the roles she plays in society. Her power and strength are not limited to the personal sphere of the family. Whatever hat a woman chooses to don, her role that she chooses to play in society will always be beautiful. Her very existence is her beauty- she seeks to bring about positive changes in everyone and everything around her. The Dress Coat is an extension of this because we believe a woman is powerful enough to exert her influence.

Many women choose to flaunt a Lady Row Couture Dress Coat at an evening party or a wedding. The uses of a Couture Dress Coat are endless- and so is the power in the hands of all women at large. All women have a role to play in society. One might choose to don the hat of a mother and provider, while someone else might wish to give motherhood a miss and focus only on her professional life. We may also find some other women that helm important businesses or organisations or even countries and people. What ties them all together is the sheer essence of the feminine power.

We capture this powerful enigma of a woman into the Couture Dress Coats, that has been designed for every lady and reflect her style and role in society.

At Lady Row, we believe that one need not renounce femininity to be powerful- both can come together. The role that you seek to play as a woman in society is your choice. The Couture Dress Coat represents just for some, it is an assertion of power, while for others, it is an articulation of grace and elegance. For us at Lady Row, it is both. It is your decision as to whose shoes you will step into, but whatever be your call, Lady Row Couture Dress Coat is your infallible companion.

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