Why Lady Row

Built upon Byzantium and Savile Row history, Lady Row honors its rich past within sustainable luxury. Renowned for the iconic dress coat, a Lady Row piece is immediately recognizable. The dominant, sophisticated, powerful, elegant self-reflection for the art and tailoring of the historical roots- such characteristics define each unique creation. With a mastery of craftsmanship, Lady Row innovates the future of design and redeems the legend of ancient cultures.

 Lady Row History

Finding its Byzantium beginning as a mural painter and Savile Row culture and traditions as a bespoke tailor, Lady Row has been designed by Irene Worger.


Today an icon of luxury, Lady Row is known for its unique design, which had connected art and craftsmanship. Finding endless inspiration in bespoke and mural art, Lady Row represents the sustainable lifestyle into dominant, sophisticated, powerful, elegant Dress Coats. 

Authentic experiences of practicing traditional fresco painting and bespoke tailoring, a rarity of the men’s world, inspire the Lady Row logo. Lady Row means the Lady in the Road funding Opportunities of the World, a life story that unveils traditions, magic, wisdom with passion.

 Lady Row Craftsmanship

Dominant and sophisticated, Lady Row creations are highly recognizable. The iconic dress coats, Lady Row design, is equally known for audacity: uncommon tailor-cut, innovative techniques, and sustainable materials. Lady Row elegant designs and details of the embroidery are always daring, bold, and magnificent.

From the training eyes of an artist to the skilled hands of bespoke tailoring, Lady Row artisans devote months to expertly design, create and hand-finished each piece of astonishment creation. Meticulous craftsman produces unusual patterns cuts for the individual client, defining the very soul of Lady Row design.


The Dress Coat design cut become one of the most identifiable signatures, bringing a sense of sustainable lifestyle. Lady Row, bespoke Savile Row cut, reflected in the collar, lapel, and sleeves, brings grace and magic with embroidery, hand paintings, and hand-finished. These hallmarks, along with modeling the DREAM PATTERNS designs, bespoke tailoring into exciting shapes, becoming Lady Row masterpieces.

Beyond its ability to a bespoke cut and design, Lady Row delivers artistic skills of juxtaposing fabrics and textures that give a distinct style. Known for artistic establishment, Lady Row has taken the ‘beetle wings’ into distinctive creations; the intricate labour techniques produce patterns and embroideries designs in ‘Elytron’ collection. The modern collection ‘Elytron’ brings strength, range of colours, natural solutions, and durability, leading the modern women that expand the concept of how and where the bespoke creations are worn.

 Lady Row Timeless

Lady Row represents the English way of lifestyle, celebrating yesterday, today and tomorrow: uniqueness, rarity, and timeless and a touch of craziness’ are the affections combined in the extraordinary creations.

The creations revel Byzantium inspiration in many and various perceptions. The luxurious pattern cloths, embroidered borders, and trimmings embraced by the royal and noble families, as many still present, as been rooted in the ritual across the length and breadth shaping England culture and identity.

The creations of a lavish craftsmanship capture emotions, reflect the history and tradition, giving many women the solutions to the lifestyle: Be Different, Express Yourself, and Solve Your Problem.

Lady Row shows the English living and pleasure, where life is always delicate and robust, where luxury is the only way, as Lady Row style is: Timeless.

 Lady Row Sustainability

Sustainable Environment:


  • Closed-loop recycling – bespoke tailoring for women 

  • Sustainable material mix – 100% sustainable wool 

  • Reduced energy footprint – the garments will be made in England, in the House

  • Chemical and water optimization – No hazardous chemicals and no water pollution 

  • Production-to-demand – No overproduction -one-off bespoke tailoring


Sustainable Society:

  • Craft labor will repair, customize and create a slow fashion, the business model of an exemplary landscape of sustainability.

  • Caring labor- Advocacy of human rights - No human rights abuses, same opportunities regarding belief, orientation and background

  • Rebalanced industry economics – using subcontractors- workers should have the right to decide, organize, express the concern at the workplace 

  • Link- retired and young generation

  • Health and safety excellence – 100% safe working places 



  • Transparency and traceability – using England suppliers for wool

  • Consumer engagement – that will develop a sustainable society

  • Create benefit to the community- engagement between generations

  • Partnership with schools and universities

  • Encourage innovation and inspiring ideas

It could be concluded that you can find lots of reason to want a bespoke Lady Row elegant and sophisticate Dress Coat but the most import reason is that you can make a difference:

Whenever when you purchase from Lady Row, then 20% from the final price will go to a charity to of your own choice.

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