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Bespoke Tailoring 

Our highly experienced bespoke tailoring team can and do make all manner of clothing for men and women. We make stylish clothes for business, leisure, country sports and equestrian pursuits.

The bespoke suit it is very individual garment. It is the men’s outer garments, it achieved prominence by the attractive materials from which it was made. The choice of the fabric it is rich in texture and colour and flamboyant in pattern and design.

The terminology of tailoring has develop over the centuries with technical names of the various parts of garments and for the different tailoring process. The trade names are still in daily use by the tailors and the following list of terms in use at the present time.

Your Bespoke Tailoring Suit 

The bespoke tailoring process is one of the most sought out in the world, appreciated for the level of craftsmanship for our renowned house style. 

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