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Woollen Fabric in the Lady Row Creations

We always maintain this one thing- the Winter Dress Coats in the Lady Row creations are some of our favourites. These garments are the finest of the Couture Dress Coats, and we credit the woollen fabric for making it extra special for us, and all our clients. Except during the sultry summers, a woollen Lady Row Couture Dress Coat can never go wrong, and the fabric combined with the skilled craftsmanship and a unique embroidery creates the most fascinating of dress coats ever made.

For the harsh winters, we prize the woollen fabric over everything else. While there are innumerable materials and fabrics available for making Couture Dress Coats, we always stick to the warm wool for all our designs. The fabric of every single piece that we manufacture for our clients is 100% wool, and we settle for nothing less here. The reason why wool rules are many. The fabric not only looks beautiful and is warm, but it also has many other properties that make it stand out despite the wide variety of fabric available. Wool does not wrinkle easily, so you need not fear that your favourite Lady Row Couture Dress Coat will be all creased after a single wear. You can wear it any number of times without the fear of creasing, and just in case there are some, you can always get them dry cleaned or steam ironed, and they are as good as new! Being a little resistant to moisture, it will keep you dry in light winter rains.

We really care for the environment, and firmly believe that sustainable fashion is the future. In keeping with our belief, wool is the perfect fabric. For one, it is a natural fabric that does not pollute by persisting in the environment and is easily degradable. To add to it, we at Lady Row create each Couture Dress Coat with our own careful hands, only after taking the specific measurement of all our clients, so the amount of fabric discarded is very less.

Wool is our favourite also for another reason- it has a long shelf life. You can get your Lady Row Couture Dress Coat today and pass it on as the family heirloom to your daughter- you can be sure that the quality will not degrade even after long years, as wool is very much resistant to wear and tear damages.

The woollen fabric is one of the earliest one known to the human race, and we use it even today for obvious reasons for its superiority, particularly in terms of being damage resistant. It is resistant to fire, and the normal wear and tear of the seasons and all you need to shield it from are the moths. Keep your woollen fabrics away from moths, and they will stay put for your lifetime and even the next.

Tartan patterns are extremely popular in this fabric, and even more so in the case of Lady Row Couture Dress Coats. We cut these patterns carefully and skilled them with utmost precision to ensure that all the crisscrossing falls in place, and no stroke looks detached from the others. They are stitched to perfection, to convey the feel of being continuous and without any cuts or stitches. But we base every Lady Row Couture Dress Coat on the specific measurement of the individual clients, so you get just what would fit you the best, and at the same time, the tartan pattern is kept incredibly intact.

The myriad colours that we use for our Couture Dress Coats will keep you in awe. Inspired by nature, we draw all the colours from nature. We take the warmest of shades for our winter woollens, but that does not betray our love for colours of all kinds. While we love earthy brown and deepest blue, along with darkest black, we do not shy away from using red, apricot orange, or the balanced beige in our eternal pieces. We even make these woollen coats of the brighter shades like rouge, if our client so desires, and we can vouch for the fact that these colours look ravishing.

Warm woollen fabrics for coats are our undeniable favourites. These emanate elegance and beauty at every look. You are sure to feel warm, cosy, and all beautiful in these soft, timeless and classy Lady Row Couture Dress Coats designed exclusively for you.

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